Writing is, by nature, an opportunity for creativity and personal expression…

by Magnus

I found the below quote as an answer to the following question; “Do geniuses journal or do journals create geniuses?”

“Writing is, by nature, an opportunity for creativity and personal expression…Consider all of the important ways that writing supports the development of higher-process thinking: conceptual thinking; transfer of knowledge; judgment; critical analysis; induction; deduction; prior-knowledge evaluation (not just activation) for prediction; delay of immediate gratification for long-term goals; recognition of relationships for symbolic conceptualization; evaluation of emotions, including recognizing and analyzing response choices; and the ability to recognize and activate information stored in memory circuits throughout the brain’s cerebral cortex that are relevant to evaluating and responding to new information or for producing new creative insights—whether academic, artistic, physical, emotional, or social.”

Its from the book; Brain: Neuroscience Shows the Pathways to Learning written by Dr. Judy Willis.