Oh. The grand opening.

by Magnus

It is no coincidence that I start this blog in the beginning of January. It not a New Years resolution, but it comes close. It has something to do with actually publishing all those ideas and thoughts that is heavy to carry around inside. It also have something to do with getting me a place of my own.

I created this site to give myself more time to stop and think and to learn by writing – instead of by, as before, reading. I believe that writing forces us to reflect on what we experience, see, read and do. It helps us gather our thoughts, share our perspectives and move the ball forward.

I also want to see if I can develop my writing and end up write both well and interesting. I want to see if I can keep it going, and if it ends up being as valuable to me as I believe it could. And I guess, we will find out if you also find it enjoyable to read.